Handcrafted Hats and Hair Ties

Are you happy to finally retire the heavy winter hats and scarves like I am?  I’m so looking forward to wearing my hair out, and springtime is a good excuse to shop for some new accessories.  


This seller has handcrafted hats by Liz Harbosin, as well as the seller’s own line of JRA jewelry.  

a. cnadinelinenhat b. cnadinebeltedhat c. cnadineclassylinen d. cnadinepinstripehat e. cnadinestripecap


This seller specializes in custom order jewelry for both hair and body.  Her hair ties are excellent and can be used for all hair types (curly, straight, locs, etc.).  I enjoyed reading her blog at designed-living.blogspot.com.  The pics of  the customer’s locs adorned with Erama’s beautiful hair ties are awesome! 

a. eramabejeweledht b. eramareddonutht c. eramaredwoodht d. eramateardropht e. eramaunakiteht


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