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Handcrafted Hats and Hair Ties

Are you happy to finally retire the heavy winter hats and scarves like I am?  I’m so looking forward to wearing my hair out, and springtime is a good excuse to shop for some new accessories.  


This seller has handcrafted hats by Liz Harbosin, as well as the seller’s own line of JRA jewelry.  

a. cnadinelinenhat b. cnadinebeltedhat c. cnadineclassylinen d. cnadinepinstripehat e. cnadinestripecap


This seller specializes in custom order jewelry for both hair and body.  Her hair ties are excellent and can be used for all hair types (curly, straight, locs, etc.).  I enjoyed reading her blog at  The pics of  the customer’s locs adorned with Erama’s beautiful hair ties are awesome! 

a. eramabejeweledht b. eramareddonutht c. eramaredwoodht d. eramateardropht e. eramaunakiteht


Mature Natural’s Winter Hair Care Tips

  1. Got knots?  Out styles can cause a lot of knots, especially in windy weather.  A dab of any product that provides a lot of slip (TJ Nourish, Elucence) helps those knots ease right out.  Surprisingly, what also works for me is Elasta QP Breakage Control Serum.
  2. Shea butter and other oils on wet hair sometims have a tendency to make the hair hard and dry.  Not good in cold weather.  Try shea butter and oils on dry hair instead and see if you experience the softness and sheen you were searching for.
  3. Want to experience the benefits of henna, but not the color?  Try a henna gloss treatment instead.  Check out the Henna For Hair website for henna gloss and other recipes.
  4. Try mixing a little hair pomade with hair moisturizer (shea butter/shealoe, etc.) and apply to ends when doing a protective style.  Helps to keep ends smooth, sealed, and protected.  I love Hair-A-Do Growth Balm for this.
  5. Missing those a.m. conditioner washes due to cold weather?  Try lightly spritzing hair instead.  This moistens the hair before application of stylers or moisturizers.  My current favorite spritz mix is Mill Creek’s Amazon Organics Kava & Lemongrass with Lavender Volumizing Conditioner, almond oil, and aloe vera gel.  Hair stays soft and fluffy throughout the day.
  6. Use a heavier conditioner for homemade leave-ins during winter months.  Lustrasilk Aloe Vera Cholesterol conditioner has been a product staple of mine for six years now.  Because of it’s heavier consistency, I like using this for my leave-in mix with a little olive oil as an alternative to Suave/V05 conditioners with olive oil.  Also try adding flaxseed gel to homemade shealoe mixes for a little more hold.
  7. I love the smoothness and control a gel provides, but resulted in hair loss and thinning of my hairline.  Wearing tight or wool blend hats may also cause damage to hairline.  Wear roomier, natural fiber hats and apply more natural hair products to your hairline like aloe vera gelly (Lily of the Desert), homemade flaxseed gel, Hairveda Almond Glaze or Hairveda Whipped Gelly.  Your hairline will thank you.
  8. Cover it up or wrap it up.  If your hair is damp, cover it up or wrap it up before going outside.  Check out my posts featuring fashionable hats, wraps, and snoods from popular Etsy shops. 
  9. Updos and protective styles.  Winter is perfect for protective styles like twists, braids, bunning, and updos.  Low manipulation styling and protecting those ends help to maintain hair health, as well as length. 
  10. Does your furnace have a humdifier?  Make sure it is turned on.  Dry indoor heat will zap moisture from your hair, scalp, and skin.  Portable hot/cold air mist humidifiers are available for purchase if you don’t have one, or you could put a large bowl of water on your radiator or near a heat vent to help put some moisture back into the air.  A homemade hair spritz would be ideal for this situation to help keep your hair moisturized throughout the day.

Hope that helps. 

What are some of your winter hair care tips?  Please share.

Lightweight Snoods and Headbands for Kinky-Curly Hair

I’m on the Bohemian routine at the moment (shout out to Jazzi who originated this popular routine).  This routine is  giving my hair a much needed break after my protein overload catastrophe last month.  Wash-n-gos with either a leave-in or spritz are all I’m doing at the moment. 

Since it’s Spring, lightweight scarves, snoods, and fabric hairbands/headbands help in giving my hair a break.  Since I love handmade hair accessories, Etsy is always my first destination.  Check out the following Etsy shops for your handmade snood/rasta/dreadlock hats and headbands.  They’re perfect for Spring.  


a1.       a2.       b.       c. 


a.    b.   c.   d.


a.       b.   c.


a.       b.       c.   

  • a.  Funky Hippie Dreadlock Headband Hair Wrap, $10.00.  It’s fashionable as well as functional.  Especially great for dreadheads who find that hats are too hot and ponytail holders put too much pressure on the scalp. Great for the upcoming warm weather of spring!
  • b.  Unique Funky Square-Patterned Hippie Headband (Clearance), $10.00.  The square design gives it a hip geometric look and is perfect either as an accent or as the main event! Especially great for those with dreadlocks.  Made from Caron Simply Soft 100% acrylic yarn. This product is 100% vegan!
  • c. Funky Dreadlock Hat with Brim (Clearance), $24.00.   Have a wild mane of dreadlocks? This hat is for you! It is made of hand dyed 100% cotton, which will rub against your dreads, helping them to knot up super tight! 


a.       b.      c.     

  • a.  Really Red Ball Cap, $15.00.  Hand crocheted red ball cap, with plenty of room to wear your hair pulled up under the cap. The open pattern keeps you cool.
  • b.  Navy Blue Baseball Cap, $15.00.  Hand crocheted in navy, this is a great sporty hat.  Roomy enough to put your hair up, the open pattern will keep you cool.
  • c.  Blue and Navy Cloche Hat, $6.00.  Crocheted by me.   Fits most.  Machine wash and dry.

Handmade Hats+Natural Hair=Your Own Distinctive Style

Natural hair and hats always seem to compliment one another.  You can make a statement without having to utter one single word.  This past winter, I was introduced to handmade hats and have been hopelessly hooked ever since.  Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for?  Have a hat custom ordered to the style and color you desire.  Check each artist’s Etsy shop for individual shop profiles and information regarding custom orders.  

The following Etsy fiber artists are highly skilled and have created some of the most beautiful head and neck accessories I’ve seen to date.  Mature Natural would rock every one of ’em in a heartbeat!  

KNOTTY LOOP CREATIONS   These glossy pics look like they’re straight out of a high-profile fashion magazine.  I’ve discovered that Knotty Loop Creations owns a unique twist on “the hat set”; the scarflette is just as classy as the hat itself.  Either one can be easily worn alone or together.  How about that for versatility and getting your money’s worth?  Classy + Chic = Classy Chic.

1.  knottyvalentine.jpg        2.  knottybluewhite1.jpg       3.  knottybrownset.jpg      

4.  knottyretroset.jpg        5.  knottcamoflghat1.jpg       6.  knottynkwrmr.jpg

  1. Valentine, $45.00 – Fiery Red Hat and Scarf set.  Scarf is 55 inches long and done in a spiraling fashion.  Can be draped or wrapped.  Hat is one size fits all.
  2. Robin Neckwarmer Set, $40.00 – Hat and neck warmer set provides perfect mix of sass with class.  Set is designed with style in a wonderful light blue and cream yarn.
  3. Winters Warmth, $45.00 – The cap and neckwarmer are done in a mink brown and grey combo. They are crocheted with in an acrylic/wool blend.
  4. Retro-Active, $48.00  – This set is designed with a retro feel in wonderful chocolate and aqua combo.  Hat is great for anyone wearing locks as it expands a bit to fit.
  5. Camouflage Cap, $30.00 – This cap is hand crocheted in a super soft medium worsted yarn.  This medium weight hat is easy care in 100% acrylic.
  6. Honey Cocoa Neckwarmer, $15.00 – This neckwarmer is crocheted in a wonder nylon/acrylic/wool blend.  Mink brown & honey gold with simple wood buttons.

BUTTA.FLY WEARS (aka b.flywears) – Located in Anchorage, Alaska, I believe this sista knows a thing or two about keeping warm.  Can’t help but drool over the colorful designs and texture of Butta.Fly Wears’ neckwarmers.  They look so warm and toasty.  Got medium-to-long locs or a fluffy halo of hair?  She has hats that are definitely and fashionably roomy enough for those of us with big and long hair.  Also check out Butta.Fly Wears blog at butta.flywears.  Textured + Hipness= Textured Hipness.

1.  buttafuschiahat.jpg    2.  buttagoldcamohat.jpg    3.  buttagreenscarf.jpg   

4.  buttasunsetwarmer1.jpg   5.  buttatechhat.jpg   6.  buttercamouwarmer.jpg

  1. Mandara-Fuschia, $35.00 – Crocheted skullcap with a big, beautiful flower accent on the side. The flower is not detachable.  Made with 100% acrylic yarn.
  2. Gold & Camo Crown, $30.00 – Crochet dread crown made with gold & camouflage acrylic.  The crown will hold medium to long locks.
  3. The Mean Green Scarf, $32.00 – A mix of celery, grannysmith, dark khaki, and brown yarns (wool-mohair blend).  Guaranteed to keep you warm.
  4. Alaskan Sunset Neckwarmer, $38.00.  This neckwarmer is made with 100% wool yarns. It will definitely keep your neck & ears toasty on those cold winter days.
  5. Technicolor Dream Cycles Crown, $30.00 – Dread crown is made with 100% acrylic yarns.  This crown will hold medium to long locks.
  6. Camouflage Neckwarmer, $38.00 – This neckwarmer is made with 100% wool yarns.  It will definitely keep your neck & ears toasty on those cold winter days.

RAIMBOW TREE – Raimbow Tree’s intricately felted flower designs and wool headbands are amazing.  I’ve never seen fine art on a headband……until now.  It would be impossible to have a “bad hair day” while wearing one of these.  Raimbow Tree also used some of the most beautiful, colorful yarns I’ve ever seen, hand-dyed and handspun courtesty of  Knitty Dirty Girl Etsy ShopFunky + Elegance = Funky Elegance.

1. rainbowmultihat.jpg  2. rainbowwhtlotushdbd.jpg 3.  rainbowrosehdbd.jpg

4. rainbowredhdbd.jpg  5. rainbowspicescarf.jpg 6. rainbowultrahdbd.jpg

  1. Multicolored Crocheted Natural Fiber Dreadlock Headband, $39.00 -Crocheted free-hand from a number of gorgeous handspun and hand-dyed wool yarns, organic cotton, recycled sari silk, and banana fiber yarns.
  2. White Lotus Flower Felted Wool Headband, $34.00 – Beautiful olive green band.  The Lotus flower has two layers of fluffy white petals from wool and mohair with a vintage button. Headband features two long felted ties you tie up or let dangle down your back.
  3. Ginger Red Roses Felted Wood Headband, $28.00 – Band crocheted from silky wool/ mohair yarn.  Band is a light brown color with a creamy-orange border.  The flowers have been needle felted on.  It secures around your head with two long felted ties.
  4. Special Edition Red Poppy Felted Headband with Sparkle, $33.00 – Red Poppy is felted wool and mohair.  The band crocheted from dyed wool yarn.  The colors are different shades of rich reds, warm pinks and subtle coppers.
  5. Spice Scarflette Crocheted from Handspun/Hand-dyed Yarn, $48.00 –  Shades of mustard, cinnamon, curry, chili, ginger, and cumin all intertwined in this chunky, thin weight yarn.  A big wooden vintage button and some decorative crochet stitching in shades of mustard.
  6. Ultrawarm & Cozy Felted Wool Headband with Elegant Red Poppy, $40.00 – This headband is excellent for a chilly fall or winter day.   Crocheted from 100% wool yarn.  Dark olive band with red felted wool poppy.

Make Your Own Protective Hair Band

I’ve had some amazing growth over the last year and as a result, certain hair accessories are either too small or no longer look right.   Since becoming acquainted with members of Etsy (Etsy Artists of Color), I’ve really been in a creative mood.  I seldom wear protective styles (braids, twists, bantu knots, coils, etc.) because I prefer my hair to be free.  Big money was wasted on professional braids that I didn’t wear past a week.  A serious case of HIF (hand in fro) disease didn’t help, plus I missed playing with my hair.  Wearing  accessories that I consider somewhat protective (hats, scarves) do help.  I want to show you how to make an easy hair band.  It’s super easy and perfect for protecting the tresses whether you’re outside battling the elements or chilling at home.

I usually donate clothing to the Salvation Army or women shelters this time of year.  I had a couple of turtlenecks that I was prepared to donate.  One turtleneck was a silk blend, the other cotton blend.  The neck portion of the turtlenecks were the perfect width for hair bands.   These hair bands could be worn by those with locs, braids, and even loose hair.  I’ll be adding more pics later, but check it out.


 078.jpg          077.jpg

  1. Turn turtleneck inside out.
  2. Cut neck portion of turtleneck below the seam.  This would be the portion where the neck is stitched to the shirt.  This keeps fabric from unraveling. 
  3. The fabric was wide enough to cover almost my entire head and looks just as good as the store bought ones. 

Guess what?  I don’t think I’ll be donating too many more turtlenecks in the future!  Lol.

Try it and let me know what you think.


Snoods, Part II

I’ve got this hat thing going on and now find myself seeking out hats in department stores, thrift stores, Etsy, Ebay, and other online stores.  I just can’t get enough of them.  I love the colors and textures of hats.  Below you’ll find more hats from some of my favorite sellers and a new one, Didymus Dreads and Threads, an Ebay store with a lot of unique and colorful hats.

PURPLE SAGE DESIGNZ:  Sigh.  I really want to learn how to crochet beautiful hats, but until then, I have Purple Sage Designz to keep my hat addiction going.  Everytime I visit, I find new hats to fall in love with.   They’re perfect for those of us with “big hair” (natural, braids, dreads) who desire hats that are roomy, stylish, and comfortable.  Get your hat fix on and don’t forget to check out her other creations at Purple Sage Designz.

 1.  purphtscfpurp1.jpg    2.  bluechildpurp.jpg    3.  sunnyskiespurp.jpg

  1. Handmade Grape Visor Beanie Hat and Spiral Waves Set, $29.00
  2. Baby Blue Child (Girl) Visor Beanie, $14.00
  3. Sunny Skies Cotton Slouchy Beanie, $16.00

LOLABEAR’S NEEDLEWORKATORIUM:  More beautiful hats from one of my favorite Etsy sellers.  I love the elegance, color combinations, as well as the soft, feminine look of Lolabear’s hat creations.  These are perfect for the upcoming holidays.  Don’t forget to check out Lolabear’s Needleworkatorium store on Etsy for her other beautiful creations.  

1.  redgldlola.jpg    2.  whtgoldlola.jpg    3.  lolarainb.jpg 

  1. Chic Chenille Beret (Claret and Gold), $35.00
  2. Glitzy White and Gold Rasta (Adult L), $40.00
  3. Dark Rainbow Beret or Rasta, $35.00

DIDYMUS DREADS AND THREADS (EBAY):  Added to my list of favs, this Ebay store belongs to twin sisters whose handmade hats are the bomb (hippie, rasta, headbands, buckets, kerchiefs, beanies, etc.).  They also take special orders on all styles of hats.  Anyone familiar with Ebay knows how important good customer feedback is, and Didymus Dreads and Threads’ feedback is awesome.  If you’re looking for various styles of hats and other head coverings, be prepared.  This is hat heaven on earth!   Please check out Didymus Dreads and Threads’ other hat creations at their Ebay store.

1.  didyrasta.jpg     2.  didyheadwrap.jpg     3.  didyblkflapper.jpg 

4.  didyhdband.jpg

  1. Hippie Crochet Beanie/Tam, $8.49
  2. Rasta Head Wrap Kerchief, $6.99
  3. Black Flapper Bucket Knit Hat, $6.99
  4. Rasta Headband Head Wrap, $9.99

I need books to help me learn how to crochet.  Anybody know of any easy how-to-crochet books out there?  Please let me know.