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Nickel-Free Hair Accessories?

Bunning has been my protective style of choice, but I’ve noticed some scalp soreness and irritation with them.  A recent skin reaction to metal hoop earrings made me realize metal hair accessories (pins, barrettes, clips) were the problem.  In the past, direct contact with watches, bras (underwire), bracelets, and zippers would cause allergic reactions.   Are there any nickel-free accessories out there?  Will definitely research and report back.   

I’ve fallen in love with the Goody Ouchless Flex line, especially this small updo barrette, which I first heard about on Kimmaytube.  They’re very comfortable, as well as versatile.    

Plastic hair pins are a little bit harder to strategically place, but I’m trying to work with ’em.   The good news?  My scalp is happy.

If you also experience metal allergies, please let me know which hair accessories you’ve successfully used.


Earring Obsession and Aku’s Ear Ornaments

I wouldn’t call myself a product junky so much anymore, but when it comes to earrings, I’m aware I have a problem.   My obsession for earrings goes waaaaaaaaaay back.  Here is a little evidence and this is only half of them. 


Of course, Etsy never lets me down when it comes to feeding my earring obsession.   I recently purchased these gorgeous babies from Kezzmit on Etsy.  I’m always excited when I receive email that Aku, the owner of Kezzmit, has Flickr updates.  Her unique colors and earring designs are amazing.  Can you believe they’re created out of lightweight paper clay?  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself.  Here are some of my favorites.  Click on the earring links for more details.


1. 2.   3.4.  5.

6. 7.   8. 9. 10.

  1. Amura, $11.00.
  2. Badriya, $11.00.
  3. Lina, $11.00.
  4. Popo, $11.00.
  5. Salah, $9.00.
  6. Stina, $11.00.
  7. Tekla, clearance $6.00.
  8. Tuva, $11.00.
  9. Adisa, $11.00.
  10. Sefa, $12.00.

I love Aku’s earrings.  They’re the perfect natural hair accessory and would make a great gift for any kinky-curly hair diva.

Heads Up! Brunsli Hair Ties are Back in Stock

Brunsli Hair Ties and Jewelry are back in stock on Ebay.  Brunsli Hair Ties are “the original”  hair ties, and the perfect accessories for locs, braids, and natural hair.   Get one before they’re gone.   


Brunsli Taryn $18.00


Brunsli Jonkha $25.00


Brunsli Mbai Headband $15.00

I think Brunsli Hair Ties with leather or metal accents (brass, copper, etc.) would be fabulous.  Do you have a favorite hair tie?  What kind of materials or styles would you like to see Brunsli Hair Ties created in?

Handcrafted Hats and Hair Ties

Are you happy to finally retire the heavy winter hats and scarves like I am?  I’m so looking forward to wearing my hair out, and springtime is a good excuse to shop for some new accessories.  


This seller has handcrafted hats by Liz Harbosin, as well as the seller’s own line of JRA jewelry.  

a. cnadinelinenhat b. cnadinebeltedhat c. cnadineclassylinen d. cnadinepinstripehat e. cnadinestripecap


This seller specializes in custom order jewelry for both hair and body.  Her hair ties are excellent and can be used for all hair types (curly, straight, locs, etc.).  I enjoyed reading her blog at  The pics of  the customer’s locs adorned with Erama’s beautiful hair ties are awesome! 

a. eramabejeweledht b. eramareddonutht c. eramaredwoodht d. eramateardropht e. eramaunakiteht

Unique Handcrafted Earrings

I’m an earring fanatic at heart and love finding earrings unique both in their design, as well as the materials used to create them.  Check out the following fabulous finds from the Etsy stores of Intrinsic Imagination and Marcia Palmer.


There are feather earrings and then there are Spiked Elegance earrings created by the owner of Intrinsic Imagination.  I’m definitely feeling the funky hoop shape of these feather earrings.  How about you?

a.intrinsicspikedfeather1 b.intrinsicpurple c. intrinsicred d. intrinsicpeacock e.   intrinsicfeatherhairclip

  • a.  Spiked Feather Earrings (Black), $16.00.  Size:  2-1/2 long, 1-1/2 wide. I created these stunning earrings using black Goose Biot feathers. They look dangerously prickly but I asure you they are actually soft.  **For other colors and findings available, please see note from seller below. 
  • b.  Spiked Feather Earrings (Purple), $16.00.  Size:  2-1/2 long, 1-1/2 wide.  
  • c.  Spiked Feather Earrings (Red), $16.00.  Size:  2-1/2 long, 1-1/2 wide.   

**Note from seller:  Earwires are surgical steel.  I can add sterling silver for $2 more, just send me a message before purchase and I will adjust the price of this listing for you.  Other colors:  White, Red, Pin, Green, Violet, Electric Red (bright), Neon Orange (really bright).

  • d.  Teardrop Peacock Feather earrings, 3″ long, 2″ wide, $18.00.  Available with Surgical steel or steel earwires.
  • e.  Green Goddess Feather Hair Clip, $18.00.  Each clip has a leather back that is attached to a changeable metal hairclip.  This one is created with bright and beautiful peacock feathers. Size:  About 3-1/2 long & 3/4″ wide.

Intrinsic Imagination is offering FREE shipping on any pair of Spiked Elegance earrings especially for Mature Natural Blog readers.  Just type the word “BLOG” in the Message to Seller box during purchase, and the shipping will be refunded within 24 hrs.  How cool is that? 

Check out this seller’s other store, CAPTURED IMAGINATION, for jewelry, some really fly hats, and more beautiful hairclips and earrings.


Did you catch your breath yet?  Yep, that was my initial reaction too when I first stumbled upon these beauties on Flickr.  Ms. Palmer does polymer clay like nobody else.  Don’t believe me?  Just check out her amazing designs below. 

a. mpalmerprimitive b. primitiveelegancegold c. mpalmerprimitivelite d. mpalmergoldblack e. primitiveelegancesquared

  • a.  Primitive Elegance Earrings, $18.00.  These earrings were created using polymer clay discs and copper wire.  These earrings measure approximately 2.0″ (5cm) from the bottom of the ear wire.
  • b. Primitive Elegance Earrings, $18.00.  These earrings were created using polymer clay discs and copper wire.  These earrings measure approximately 2.0″ (5cm) from the bottom of the ear wire.
  • c.  Primitive Elegance Earrings Lite, $18.00.  These earrings were created using polymer clay discs,and copper wire.  These earrings measure just over 1.5″ (3.75cm) from the bottom of the ear wire.
  • d.  Primitive Elegance Squared, $18.00.  These earrings were created using polymer clay square beads and copper wire.  These earrings measure just over 1.5″ (3.75cm) from the bottom of the ear wire.
  • e.  Exotic Gold and Black Earrings, $18.00. This is a delightful pair of exotic look earrings.  The gold and black colors are the perfect accent to that fun outfit.  The polymer clay pillow beads are so light you will hardly notice you are wearing them.  Measures 1.25″ diameter (3cm) and 2″ long from the top of the earwire (5cm).

Marcia also makes amazing bracelets and pendants, so make sure you visit her Etsy store.  She is also a proud member of the Polymer Clay Artist Guild of Etsy (PCAGOE), North Georgia Street Team (search “Team NorGA” in tags to find more of our members’ items), Etsy Artists of Color Street Team (EAOC), and Etsy Interior Design Team.

Bun Boredom Pick-Me-Ups

I’m so sick and tired of hats and scarves.  I’m really missing my wash and gos too.  So far, we’ve racked up 40+ inches of snow in Detroit this winter.   I know I may be pushing it a bit, but I’m so ready for spring. This ponytail and bunning routine is beyond boring, so the least I could do is find some hair accessories to change things up a little.  Check ’em out.


Check out these cool hair accessories created using vintage buttons by Talisman Studios.  The buttons are made out of materials such as metal, plastic, ivory, horn, mother of pearl, etc.  I enjoyed reading the history of each button as well.  These hair accessories are definitely unique and one of a kind.   My kind of shop!

a.talismanashantidoublet  b.talismanashantisun  c. talismanturquoise d.talismanhwdrhine e.talismannouveaurhine

  • Ashanti Leaf Doublet, $16.99 – This vintage brass African trade bead was created by the Baoule tribe of the Ivory Coast.  Available as singlet or doublet.
  • Ashanti Sun, $12.99 – This vintage brass African trade bead was created by the Baoule tribe of the Ivory Coast.  Available as singlet or doublet.
  • Turquoise Illusion, $10.99 – These vintage buttons are a mid century composite plastic, likely from the early 1960’s. With a base of robin’s egg blue, they are flecked with colors of cream, sienna and matte gold.
  • Hollywood Rhinestones, $16.99 – Invoke an era of glamour with this vintage rhinestone button nestled in your tresses. Manufactured in the 1930’s, this ornament measures 1 1/4 inches in diameter.
  • Nouveau Rhinestones, $22.99 – Manufactured in the 1920’s, this dome-shaped button measures 1 1/2 inches in diameter with a height of 5/8 inch at the height of it’s dome. A smattering of tiny, faceted iridescent stones creates a stunning fantasy effect. Aged bronze patina metalwork.


This Etsy store has you covered for whatever hair accessory you desire.  Check out Virtuous Creations’ hats, hair bands, scrunchies, and loc jewelry.  I’m really feeling the Cheetah print fleece hair band/scarf set.  Looks perfect for this Michigan winter weather.

virtuousmultihband   virtuousexpandable   virtuousfleeceset   virtuousplaidhband   virtuouspumpkinhband

  • a.  Multi-Colored Acrylic Hair Band, $12.99 – If you rock DREADLOCK, SISTERLOCKS, BRAIDS, or any other natural hairstyle this piece is so perfect for stylishly pulling your hair off of your neck or back into a beautiful upsweep.
  • b.  Unisex Expandable  Hair Band, $13.99 – This piece is very versatile.  Gather it and wear it as a small hairband/headband or expand it for a different look.
  • c.  Fleece Cheetah Print Set, $16.99 – This beautiful fleece ear warmer and scarf set is perfect for keeping your ears and neck nice and toasty while also adding some flair and enhancement to your outfit.
  • d.  Turqouise Blue/Lime Green Plaid Hair Band, $8.99 – This fleece earwarmer is perfect for keeping your ears nice and toasty while also adding some flair and enhancement to your outfit.
  • e.  Fleece Pumpkin/Rust Set, $16.99 – This beautiful fleece ear warmer and scarf set is perfect for keeping your ears and neck nice and toasty while also adding some flair and enhancement to your outfit.


France Luxe has a very impressive inventory of every hair accessory imaginable (barettes, hair sticks, headbands, ponytail holders, scrunchies).  Can’t figure out why they’re still using metal clamps on some of their ponytail holders though, but you’ll definitely find plenty must haves. 

a.  fluxeorchidpony1   b.  fluxemelrosepony

October 2008 Hats, Headbands, and Hair Accessories

Fall is here and it’s time to protect those delicate tresses by covering them up, or dressing them up.  Etsy has you covered on hats, head bands and hair accessories.












**lf you’re tired of the over-the-counter crap that you only get to wear one or two times before it breaks in half, stretches out, or pulls your hair out, try HairThingys.  They’re easy to use, durable, and beautiful.