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Protective Styling with Taliah Waajid Products

I am really loving the Taliah Waajid products.  The Taliah Waajid Lock It Up gel is really helping to add moisture for protective styling (buns and twists).  I use it alone when I want to add hold to twists or a twist out.  When bunning, I add 1 teaspoon each of the Taliah Waajid African Healing Oyl and castor oil to half a jar (3 oz.) of the Lock It Up gel.  This mixture provides light hold, shine, moisture, and softness to my hair. 


I co-washed with Taliah Waajid Herbal Enhancing conditioner, then applied my shea butter mix to damp hair.  I then sealed hair with the Lock It Up gel mixture before bunning. 

**NOTE:  For the naturals with fine hair seeking  products that help to thicken hair, especially mature naturals, amla powder is the truth.  These are my chunky twists I put in at bedtime in-between protective styling.  Amla has definitely helped to thicken my hair.  I purchase my amla from AyurNatural Beauty.  Great prices and fast shipping.



Black Friday Specials for Hair and Body

Brown Butter Beauty – One day sale, 25% off entire shop.  All products will reflect sale prices starting at 6:00 am.  Exclusions (shipping charges and previous orders).

Darcy Botanicals – One day sale (12:00 am – 12:00 am), 25% off reg. pricing.  Introducing new products.

Miss Jessies – Buy one, get one free, November 27th thru December 31, 2009, midnight.

Curls Peppermint Twist & Twirl Kit – The Winter Holiday Cocktail for your hair, $40.00.  Includes:

  • Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream – 8 oz.
  • Coconut Sublime Moisturizing Conditioner – 14 oz .
  • Quenched Curls Moisturizer – 8oz.
  • Curl Souffle – 8oz.

Jane Carter Solution – 25% off web and phone orders only, including regimens, travel kits, and survivor kits with minimum $40.00 order.  Use promo code thanks09.  Offer ends Sunday, November 29, 2009. 

As a token of our appreciation we are offering a 25% discount on all orders.  Sale starts Thanksgiving Day and ends at 11:59 pm EST on Cyber Monday. 

Shescentit – Coupon code “thanks25” must be entered at checkout to avail discount.  Offer valid while supplies last and is NOT valid on samples. 

Carol’s Daughter – Free shipping on orders over $25.00.  Online offer only.  Ends November 29, 2009, midnight.

Shea Essentials – Nov. 27th thru December 1, 2009.  Select merchandise 50%.  Hidden price cuts throughout store.  Free shipping on all gift sets through December 20, 2009.

Could Your Hair Loss Be Due To Your Meds?

Web MD has a list of medications with hair loss as a possible side effect, including some over-the-counter medications.  For those mature naturals who are prescribed meds for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, HRT, or antidepressants, some of the meds may cause hair loss.  Here are a few from the list:  

  • Lopid
  • Thyroid medications
  • Paxil
  • Lopressor
  • Zoloft
  • Tenormin
  • Birth control pills
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Naprosyn
  • Prednisone
  • Zantac
  • Pepcid

Web MD has a lot of interesting articles in regards to health information ( new drugs, surgical procedures, healthy living, etc.).  It’s also a good website to bookmark.

The Phase Where a TWA Looks Good

Here are a couple of progress pics.  This is the length where I usually get frustrated and cut my hair down to a twa.  We’ll see if I can make it to January 2010 without cutting it. 


I’m wearing buns as a protective style. Hair and scalp issues are much better.  Very little shedding and scalp is no longer irritated.  I think the addition of amla and herbal tea rinses have helped tremendously.  I didn’t think my fine hair could get thicker, but amla has definitely helped in that department.  Will post more pics soon.

Product Review: Taliah Waajid Products

Over the past month, I’ve been using the following Taliah Waajid Black Earth and Royal Roots (also distributed by Taliah Waajid’s company) with much success.  They have great ingredients, can be found locally, and are cheap. 


1.  Royal Roots Herbal Moisture Glaze, 8 oz, $5.99 @ Lee Beauty Supply.

Ingredients:  Pure distilled water, shea butter, herbal extract, olive oil, herbal softeners, ginko nut oil, herbal fragrance, fruit fragrance, indian hemp extract, vitamin E, balsam softeners, silk protein.

I use this spray as I would my homemade spritz.  I use to refresh and/or wet hair before applying moisturizer or styler in the morning.  I also use this spray at bedtime to make chunky twists.   It has very little to no fragrance and the consistency is that of a thin aloe vera gel and water mix.  It’s very moisturizing and nonsticky.   

2.  Taliah Waajid Enhancing Herbal Conditioner, 8 oz., $5.99 @ Lee Beauty Supply.

Ingredients:  Pure distilled water, anise, capsicum oil, olive oil, wheat germ, beeswax, aloe vera, walnut oil, cherry bark, calendula, thyme, kiola, quine seed complex, vitamin E, silk protein, apple extract, lavendar extract, balsam canada, bay laurel, fruit bioflavenoid.

I’m using the Taliah Waajid Enhancing Herbal Conditioner for conditioner washes and as a leave in.  For the volume challenged (fine or thin hair), please try this conditioner.   The volume and softness obtained are amazing.  It has a light, pleasant fragrance and constency is thick.  My hair feels so light and full after using this.   As far as detangling, no slip for me.

3.  Taliah Waajid Lock It Up, 6 oz., $5.99 @ Lee Beauty Supply.

Ingredients:  Pure Deionized Water, TEA, Natural Herbs, Indian Hemp, Yarrow Root, Rosemary, Nettle, Hydrolyzed Protein, Carbomer 940, Nipa Guard, Fruit Fragrance, Bioflavanoids.

My protective style of choice this winter is loose bunning and purchased this product for smoothing stray grays and flyaways.   The gel is a light amber color, has medium hold, and is  nonsticky.  Also has a light candy fragrance.   **Warning:  Use on clean hair.  There is a reason the directions inform you to shampoo hair.  I applied this on top of my shea butter mix, which has aloe vera, and my hair turned white.   I tie my hair up at night and just spritz with Moisture Glaze in the a.m. to refresh.  The buns stay fresh for about three days.

I have run across Taliah Waajid products locally in CVS stores.  Lock It Up, Protective Mist Bodifier, and African Healing Oyl start at $7.99.

Heads Up! Brunsli Hair Ties are Back in Stock

Brunsli Hair Ties and Jewelry are back in stock on Ebay.  Brunsli Hair Ties are “the original”  hair ties, and the perfect accessories for locs, braids, and natural hair.   Get one before they’re gone.   


Brunsli Taryn $18.00


Brunsli Jonkha $25.00


Brunsli Mbai Headband $15.00

I think Brunsli Hair Ties with leather or metal accents (brass, copper, etc.) would be fabulous.  Do you have a favorite hair tie?  What kind of materials or styles would you like to see Brunsli Hair Ties created in?