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My Hair Growth 2007-2009

These are pics of my hair growth since February 2007, which was my last big chop.  My hair length at that time was about 1 inch.  Currently, my hair is 10 inches in front and back is 12 inches.  I trim my hair 3-4 times a year, so I lose a couple inches a year due to that.   Here is proof that with good hair care and patience, black hair does grow.

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Starting Over

I didn’t realize how much hormones can affect everything (immune system, metabolism, energy, sex drive, mood swings, etc.).  My body is adjusting, but along with the adjustment comes issues with my hair and skin.  My scalp always seems coated and itchy.  My skin is dry and breaking out.  This is so frustrating because I hate starting over.  A lot of these products have been staples for years and are no longer working for me.   Some of these are:

  • Lustrasilk Aloe Vera Cholesterol – Due to ingredient changes, this multipurpose product no longer works.  I’m sick about this one.  It has been a staple for 7 years. 
  • Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil – This product is great for hot oil treatments, conditioning, and sealing, but I can’t handle the smell any longer.  
  • Christophe Purely Natural Shampoo – I loved this shampoo, but now it leaves hair dry and tangled, even when diluted.
  • HE Hello Hydration, Aussie Moist, Suave Humectant and Biobasic conditioners.  My hair feels fine when wet, but once dries scalp feels coated and irritated, hair and scalp dry. 
  • Darcy’s Botanicals Madagascar Vanilla Creme – Had to reapply daily whereas previously hair stayed moisturized for days.    

I’m trying to find products that will be easy on the scalp since it seems to be easily irritated now.  What is currently working:

aztecamla neutrogenacrc naturesgateherbalafrovedashamla   bbredcloverlavsoap

I purchase my amla from AyurNaturalBeauty.  She is also a member of and has a blog at Ayurnatural Beauty Talk.

Brown Butter Beauty now has hair care products (yay!) and a blog.  For the soap lovers, she creates awesome handmade vegan soaps.