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Earring Obsession and Aku’s Ear Ornaments

I wouldn’t call myself a product junky so much anymore, but when it comes to earrings, I’m aware I have a problem.   My obsession for earrings goes waaaaaaaaaay back.  Here is a little evidence and this is only half of them. 


Of course, Etsy never lets me down when it comes to feeding my earring obsession.   I recently purchased these gorgeous babies from Kezzmit on Etsy.  I’m always excited when I receive email that Aku, the owner of Kezzmit, has Flickr updates.  Her unique colors and earring designs are amazing.  Can you believe they’re created out of lightweight paper clay?  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself.  Here are some of my favorites.  Click on the earring links for more details.


1. 2.   3.4.  5.

6. 7.   8. 9. 10.

  1. Amura, $11.00.
  2. Badriya, $11.00.
  3. Lina, $11.00.
  4. Popo, $11.00.
  5. Salah, $9.00.
  6. Stina, $11.00.
  7. Tekla, clearance $6.00.
  8. Tuva, $11.00.
  9. Adisa, $11.00.
  10. Sefa, $12.00.

I love Aku’s earrings.  They’re the perfect natural hair accessory and would make a great gift for any kinky-curly hair diva.


Bun Boredom Pick-Me-Ups

I’m so sick and tired of hats and scarves.  I’m really missing my wash and gos too.  So far, we’ve racked up 40+ inches of snow in Detroit this winter.   I know I may be pushing it a bit, but I’m so ready for spring. This ponytail and bunning routine is beyond boring, so the least I could do is find some hair accessories to change things up a little.  Check ’em out.


Check out these cool hair accessories created using vintage buttons by Talisman Studios.  The buttons are made out of materials such as metal, plastic, ivory, horn, mother of pearl, etc.  I enjoyed reading the history of each button as well.  These hair accessories are definitely unique and one of a kind.   My kind of shop!

a.talismanashantidoublet  b.talismanashantisun  c. talismanturquoise d.talismanhwdrhine e.talismannouveaurhine

  • Ashanti Leaf Doublet, $16.99 – This vintage brass African trade bead was created by the Baoule tribe of the Ivory Coast.  Available as singlet or doublet.
  • Ashanti Sun, $12.99 – This vintage brass African trade bead was created by the Baoule tribe of the Ivory Coast.  Available as singlet or doublet.
  • Turquoise Illusion, $10.99 – These vintage buttons are a mid century composite plastic, likely from the early 1960’s. With a base of robin’s egg blue, they are flecked with colors of cream, sienna and matte gold.
  • Hollywood Rhinestones, $16.99 – Invoke an era of glamour with this vintage rhinestone button nestled in your tresses. Manufactured in the 1930’s, this ornament measures 1 1/4 inches in diameter.
  • Nouveau Rhinestones, $22.99 – Manufactured in the 1920’s, this dome-shaped button measures 1 1/2 inches in diameter with a height of 5/8 inch at the height of it’s dome. A smattering of tiny, faceted iridescent stones creates a stunning fantasy effect. Aged bronze patina metalwork.


This Etsy store has you covered for whatever hair accessory you desire.  Check out Virtuous Creations’ hats, hair bands, scrunchies, and loc jewelry.  I’m really feeling the Cheetah print fleece hair band/scarf set.  Looks perfect for this Michigan winter weather.

virtuousmultihband   virtuousexpandable   virtuousfleeceset   virtuousplaidhband   virtuouspumpkinhband

  • a.  Multi-Colored Acrylic Hair Band, $12.99 – If you rock DREADLOCK, SISTERLOCKS, BRAIDS, or any other natural hairstyle this piece is so perfect for stylishly pulling your hair off of your neck or back into a beautiful upsweep.
  • b.  Unisex Expandable  Hair Band, $13.99 – This piece is very versatile.  Gather it and wear it as a small hairband/headband or expand it for a different look.
  • c.  Fleece Cheetah Print Set, $16.99 – This beautiful fleece ear warmer and scarf set is perfect for keeping your ears and neck nice and toasty while also adding some flair and enhancement to your outfit.
  • d.  Turqouise Blue/Lime Green Plaid Hair Band, $8.99 – This fleece earwarmer is perfect for keeping your ears nice and toasty while also adding some flair and enhancement to your outfit.
  • e.  Fleece Pumpkin/Rust Set, $16.99 – This beautiful fleece ear warmer and scarf set is perfect for keeping your ears and neck nice and toasty while also adding some flair and enhancement to your outfit.


France Luxe has a very impressive inventory of every hair accessory imaginable (barettes, hair sticks, headbands, ponytail holders, scrunchies).  Can’t figure out why they’re still using metal clamps on some of their ponytail holders though, but you’ll definitely find plenty must haves. 

a.  fluxeorchidpony1   b.  fluxemelrosepony Crochet Earrings

A true earring fanatic will spot a pair of fierce earrings anytime, anywhere.  I stumbled upon Spontaneity’s online shop during a recent visit to  I found the crochet earring designs of Spontaneity  “irresistably fresh and different”

Spontaneity was founded in April 2008 by Tara J. and is based out of Chicago, Illinois.  Spontaneity specializes in custom-designed, handcrafted crochet accessories.   The online store is equipped with a feature which allows the customer to create their own custom designs.  How cool is that?  

Spontaneity’s earrings can easily be worn by all, but would definitely“highlight or set off”  the hair of any natural headed sista.  They are that special accessory that gives a wash-n-go or twists a little extra sumptin, sumptin. 

All earrings measure 2 inches in diameter and don’t forget, earrings can be custom designed.  

a.        b.     c.     d.     e.

The owner of Spontaneity, Tara J, was recently interviewed on  Check it out!  Spontaneity can also be found on Myspace and Etsy.

Aku’s Ear Ornaments Take Originality to Another Level

I’ve just taken my earring obsession to a whole new level; I now have a blog totally devoted to earrings. My favorite earrings are always those that are ethnic or Bohemian inspired with earth tone colors (my favorite colors). I was delighted to find Aku’s Ear Ornaments on the Etsy Artists of Color blog. This particular jewelry shop embodies “everything” I always look for in jewelry, especially earrings.

For me, Aku’s Ear Ornaments take “originality” to a whole ‘nother level. This artist doesn’t seem to be using materials that are rare or uncommon, but yet is able to create jewelry that is both unique and new. You know how you stumble across the same designs, different shops, time and time again? Trust me, the designs of Aku’s Ear Ornaments won’t be found anywhere else.

I’m a Taurean…all about the earth…the sun…appreciating natural colors and textures. Most of my creations incorporate warm metals like copper and brass, clay, horn, wood, and glass beads…and a very deliberate love for what I do. There is a very simple “mother earth” quality to my work. So, take a look around…I’m hoping you enjoy!

Make sure you check out Aku’s Ear Ornaments shop and feel free to contact her on Etsy with any questions you may have.

A.    B.    C.    D.   

E.    F.    G.     H.   

  • A.  Si-Si, $10.00 – Paperclay earrings, stamped, water painted in warm earth tones and varnished to a subtle sheen. Disk measures 1.5 inches in diameter.
  • B.  Sule, $10.00 – Paperclay earrings, painted in warm earth tones and varnished to a subtle sheen. Disk measures 1.5 inches in diameter.
  • C.  Dindi, $10.00 – A natural colored batik bead with copper raku shard and copper heishi.
  • D.  Ummi, $10.00 – A subtle little earring with a beautiful pearlescent focal bead, capped with bone…resin etched bead added for contrast. 2 inches.
  • E.  Jahi, $8.00 – Earthy earrings made of vegetable ivory bead, brass heishi, and green matte glass.  1-1/2 inches or 4.5 cm in length.
  • F.  Zebra in Santa Fe, $13.00 – Zebra striped amber glass bead coupled with a dappled turquoise ceramic bead. I added tiny copper shards and brass heishi beads to highlight the combination.
  • G.  Fossil, $12.00 – Lightweight handmade matte raku beads with a patina effect. Accented with brass and copper heishi spacers. Measures 3 1/4 inches 7.5 cm.
  • H.  Arrowhead, $9.00 – Lightweight handmade matte raku beads with a patina effect. Accented with brass and copper heishi spacers. 3 inches or 7.5 cm in length.

***NOTE: Free gift with purchase (either a pair of paperclay earrings or a paperclay pendant) from Aku’s Ear Ornaments shop if you mention “Mature Natural Blog” in the ‘Message from the Buyer” comment section, or by contacting seller through Etsy.

For Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts, Buy Handmade

February is Black History Month and I’m kicking it off with a shout out to the new EAOC (Etsy Artists of Color) street team on  These artists of color work in all art mediums (jewelry, photography, metal, fiber, clay, paper, etc.) and have created some truly unique and amazing handmade items.  A breathtaking cyberspace tour of art from each member of the EAOC group awaits you on their blog.  

Rho’s Stuff (Etsy) – Brandi is the owner of Rho’s Stuff which has a unique selection of art, jewelry, and handmade cards.  Her “Nappy Valentine’s Day” card is too cute and a must have this Valentine’s Day for those of us who love and appreciate natural hair.  This artist  is obviously adept in more than just one art medium as her pencil/fantasy art prints are amazing.  To see more of them, make sure you also visit

 1.  rhowingedcard.jpg   2.   rhonappycard.jpg   3.  rhohellolv1.jpg

  1. Set of Three 5×7 Winged Heart Fantasy Art Notecards, $6.00
  2. Nappy Valentines Day Funny Afrocentric Handmade Notecard w/Envelope, $4.00.
  3. Hello Love -Valentine Heart Note Card, $4.00

Marcia’s Passion (Etsy) – Marcia Palmer is a very talented polymer clay artist.  For over 30 years, this self-taught artist has explored many mediums; fabric, dyes, clay, and paper just to name a few.  She incorporates captivating colors and designs into her “Art from the Heart” which includes art pins, magnets, pendants, rings, bracelets, etc.  The heart pendants are gorgeous and make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts (hint to hubby).  Marcia is also a proud member of the Polymer Clay Artist Guild of Etsy, so please check out the website at  

1.  marciaheartpen.jpg         2.  marciaivoryheart.jpg  

3. marciamokgheart1.jpg          4. marciametallicheart.jpg

  1. Heart Pendant, $18.00.  The designs in this hand formed heart pendant were made using the Japanese metal working technique, Mokume Gane, adapted to polymer clay.  Gold, copper, silver, and black polymer clay were used.  This pendant measures approximately 2″L x 1″W (5cm x 2.5cm). 
  2. Love Letters Pin, $14.00.  A faux ivory heart pin embossed with words of love, or any words you wish to imagine.  The pin measures approx. 2.5″L x 1.25″W (6cm x 3cm). It is 1/8″ thick (4mm).
  3. Mokume Gane Heart Pendant, $14.00.  This pendant measures approximately 1.5″L x 1.25″W (3.75cm x 3cm) and approximately 1/4″ thick.  Silver metal leaf adds highlights throughout the pendant.
  4. Midnight Love, $10.00.  The pendant was designed by embossing a sheet of black polymer clay with a textured pattern and then applying blue, green, and silver metallic powders.  This pendant measures approximately 1.50″L x 1.5″W (4.8cm x 3.8cm). It is approx. 3/16″ thick (5mm).

Jes Playin (Etsy) – Yetunde Rodriguez is a multitalented artist loves sewing, woodworking, soapmaking, knitting, crocheting, and jewelrymaking.  Her utilization of traditional African symbols in her jewelry is impressive.  I enjoyed looking at the jewelry, as well as reading the names of the African symbols and their meanings.  Stay tuned for Jes Playin’s new line of paper goods all based on traditional African symbols done with a modern contemporary flair.   Stationery, paper lanterns, and other home goods which will be added and available March 1, 2008. 

1.  thraftybamboobrace.jpg             2. thraftydwenbrace2.jpg  

3a. thraftywaistlariat.jpg       3b. thraftywaistlariat2.jpg     

4.  thraftyturqpend.jpg

  1. Red Bamboo Bracelet, $12.00.  Make a bold statement with this simple cuff.  Funky, chunky, and environmentally friendly bamboo is also lightweight.  It stands approximately 1.75″ tall with a 7.5″ length.
  2. Dwennimmen Bracelet, $15.00.  This bracelet is inspired by the Adinkra symbol “Dwenimmen”.  Dwenimmen” is the symbol for strength of mind, body, and spirit, as well as humility and wisdom. 
  3. a. & b.  Funmi – Lariat WaistLace, $35.00 – Funmi” (Yoruba for ‘give me’) is unique in that it is one size fits most. No sizing issues to worry about, and no clasps to fumble with.  Beaded rope of 100 inches folds over itself to ‘clasp’ lasso-like, snug (or loose) against your waist.  The remainder just hangs loose only to shimmy and shake as you glide.   This piece can also be used as a necklace or bracelet!
  4. Clasp-free Turquoise Bead Necklace with Wooden Pendant, $15.00.  Simply wind the necklace around your neck and slip the pendant through the fold of the necklace, and wahla! it’s on.  It’s that simple to put on.  The pendant is approximately 2″ in diameter.

Obsessed with Earrings and Etsy

I have a few obsessions in my life.  While it may be clothes, purses, or shoes for a lot of women, earrings are one of mine.  I own at least 40+ pairs of earrings in every shape, color, and style.  My stash includes studs, hoops, dangles, and chandeliers created using materials of silver, gold, brass, and copper.  Some have stones of amber, turquoise, quartz, and onyx.  Some are made of wood or have beads of wood or glass.  Earrings that are unique or different are always the ones I notice first.  My favorite online shopping destination for earrings?  Etsy.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to communicate with two talented Etsy artists who have created some of the most beautiful earrings I’ve ever seen.  I found that Lee, owner of Abelee’s Handcrafted, and Tameka, owner of Pretty in Peace, to be easy to talk to and very passionate about their work.  

Pretty in Peace’s jewelry collections are mindfully named Live, Love, and Laugh.  The jewelry designs are uplifting and multifaceted.  The specified collections are Live, Love, and Laugh.  The Live collection possesses a certain soulful,  earthy type flavor.  The Love collection is dainty and feminine, while the Laugh collection is whimsical and bold.  One could easily find gifts suited for a teenager or adult.  Pretty in Peace is a cruelty-free and earth friendly shop.  No silk, shell, bone, coral or other animal products are ever utilized.

a. pipvinring.jpg  b. piptimesqring.jpg  c. piplovebirdear.jpg  d. piphelenering.jpg 

e. pipgertiering.jpg  f.  pipcelesteear.jpg  g. pipredrockear.jpg  h. pipjasperear.jpg

  • a.  Pinnate Venation Ring, $10.00.  Three leaves strategically placed and oxidized just along the venation patterns for detailing.  Fully adjustable. 
  • b.  Times Square Ring, $10.00.  Super shiny finish plastic focal heat and epoxy mounted to a fully adjustable silver plated ring base.
  • c.  Lovebirds Ring, $8.00.  Constructed from metal button with kissing birds and a blossoming heart atop a silver-plated fully adjustable ring base.
  • d.  Helene Ring, $14.00.  Pewter blossom with tiny ecru, canteloupe and seafoam glass cabs.  Fully adjustable silver-plated ring base.
  • e.  Gertie Ring, $7.00.  A deshanked faceted white plastic button on an adjustable silvertone base.
  • f.  Celeste earrings, $8.00.  Celestial dream dangles comprised of brass, snowflake jade, and gorgeous blue tourmaline discs, 2.25″ long.
  • g.  Red Rock Earrings, $12.00.  Silver, faux ceramic and peach aventurine with  handformed sterling silver wire and findings, 2.25″ long.
  • h.  Funky Jasper Drops, $12.00.  Dalmation jasper chips, hand formed black ceramic discs with antiqued bronze findings, 3″ long.

Abelee’s Handcrafted earring designs are innovative and fresh.  There is a subtle elegance about them.  The combinations of color and materials utilized make her designs unique and one of a kind, which is what I love about Abelee’s Handcrafted the most.  The earrings are versatile and will easily take a sista from daytime to evening without a problem.   Abelee’s Handcrafted also offers clip-on fittings for any of the earrings for customers without pierced ears.  How cool is that for customer service?

a.  abethreesiesear.jpg   b. abeswirlsear.jpg   c. abelottabrassear.jpg  d. abeleafyjadeear.jpg  

e. abeholidaypearlsear.jpg    f. abecryslantear.jpg   g. abeafropalear.jpg   h. abeafrcopperear.jpg

  • a.  Threesies, $14.00.  Red swirly glass beads, gunmetal black findings, and earwires a little over 2 inches long.
  • b.  Everyday Swirls, $16.00.  Antiqued brass in a swirly pattern with beigy glass beads, a brass charm with antiqued finish.  Brass earwires about 2 1/4″ long.
  • c.  Lotta Brass and a Little Blackstone, $16.00.  Hammered brass circles with a tiny bit of blackstone dangling in the middle.  About 2″, top to bottom.
  • d.  Leafy New Jade – Variation, $16.00.  Pale green new jade, surrounded by antiqued brass bead caps.  Antiqued brass hoops and earwires.
  • e.  Holiday Pearls, $18.00.  Creamy white glass pearls on sterling silver chain, about 2″ long.
  • f.  Crystal Lanterns, $18.00.  Brushed sterling silver handcrafted ovals with a smoky black swarovski crystal surrounded by sterling accents. About 1.4″ inches.
  • g.  African Opal, $18.00.  African opal gemstone in beigy tone with subtle black streaking.  A little over two inches, including the sterling earwires.
  • h.  African Copper, $16.00.  Deep brown and white polished bone in a mudcloth pattern, about 2″ long.  Copper accents and coppertoned earwires.

I’m one who could never get enough earrings, so please share your favorite online handmade jewelry shops or artists.