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Nickel-Free Hair Accessories?

Bunning has been my protective style of choice, but I’ve noticed some scalp soreness and irritation with them.  A recent skin reaction to metal hoop earrings made me realize metal hair accessories (pins, barrettes, clips) were the problem.  In the past, direct contact with watches, bras (underwire), bracelets, and zippers would cause allergic reactions.   Are there any nickel-free accessories out there?  Will definitely research and report back.   

I’ve fallen in love with the Goody Ouchless Flex line, especially this small updo barrette, which I first heard about on Kimmaytube.  They’re very comfortable, as well as versatile.    

Plastic hair pins are a little bit harder to strategically place, but I’m trying to work with ’em.   The good news?  My scalp is happy.

If you also experience metal allergies, please let me know which hair accessories you’ve successfully used.


Earring Obsession and Aku’s Ear Ornaments

I wouldn’t call myself a product junky so much anymore, but when it comes to earrings, I’m aware I have a problem.   My obsession for earrings goes waaaaaaaaaay back.  Here is a little evidence and this is only half of them. 


Of course, Etsy never lets me down when it comes to feeding my earring obsession.   I recently purchased these gorgeous babies from Kezzmit on Etsy.  I’m always excited when I receive email that Aku, the owner of Kezzmit, has Flickr updates.  Her unique colors and earring designs are amazing.  Can you believe they’re created out of lightweight paper clay?  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself.  Here are some of my favorites.  Click on the earring links for more details.


1. 2.   3.4.  5.

6. 7.   8. 9. 10.

  1. Amura, $11.00.
  2. Badriya, $11.00.
  3. Lina, $11.00.
  4. Popo, $11.00.
  5. Salah, $9.00.
  6. Stina, $11.00.
  7. Tekla, clearance $6.00.
  8. Tuva, $11.00.
  9. Adisa, $11.00.
  10. Sefa, $12.00.

I love Aku’s earrings.  They’re the perfect natural hair accessory and would make a great gift for any kinky-curly hair diva.

Heads Up! Brunsli Hair Ties are Back in Stock

Brunsli Hair Ties and Jewelry are back in stock on Ebay.  Brunsli Hair Ties are “the original”  hair ties, and the perfect accessories for locs, braids, and natural hair.   Get one before they’re gone.   


Brunsli Taryn $18.00


Brunsli Jonkha $25.00


Brunsli Mbai Headband $15.00

I think Brunsli Hair Ties with leather or metal accents (brass, copper, etc.) would be fabulous.  Do you have a favorite hair tie?  What kind of materials or styles would you like to see Brunsli Hair Ties created in?