Product Review: Healing Herbs by Rene Black Soap Shampoo and Herbal Conditioner


PRODUCTS:  Purchased sample sizes of Black Soap Shampoo/Conditioner in 1 (2 oz., $2.50) and Extra Moisturizing Herbal Conditioner (2 oz., $3.50).  Shipping was free.

COMPANYHealing Herbs Natural Care by Rene.  The following product descriptions directly from website:  Black Soap Shampoo/Conditioner in 1:  100% natural made fresh with black soap, herb tea, pure essential oils, no harsh chemicals.  Black soap, herb tea, essential oils.  Provides hair softness, skin softness, detangles, cleans, fresh feeling.  Sizes 4oz 5.95, 8oz $9.95, 16oz $14.95, 32oz $25.95. 

Extra Moisturizing Herbal Conditioner:  This conditioner is natural & organic extra moisturizing herbal base conditioner.  Made to leave your hair extra soft & moisturized, healing and repairing hair with a delicious scent with a blend of lavender, herbs tea, orange, olive oil, avocado oil, wheatgerm, coconut oil, natural base conditioner.  Sizes 4oz $6.95, 8oz $13.95, 16oz $24.95.

I love multipurpose products.  The black soap shampoo/conditioner in 1 can also be used as a face and body wash.   Although I was able to get four uses out of each bottle, keep in mind my hair is fine.  Someone with a thicker texture may require more product. 

APPLICATION:   In the shower, I wet my hair.  The consistency of the shampoo is thin and I spilled a bit because it ran through my fingers.   I found it easier to apply to my scalp with the applicator tip of the bottle.  I  applied the shampoo to my scalp  first.  After massaging it in, I then proceeded to squeeze the lather from the shampoo into my hair to the ends and rinsed.




RESULTS:   After rinsing out shampoo, I actually didn’t need conditioner.  My hair felt smooth, was tangle free, and soft.  I then applied the Extra Moisturizing Herbal Conditioner and left it in as I finished my shower, then rinsed.  The Black Soap Shampoo and Extra Moisturizing Herbal Conditioner combo literally gave me the perfect “wash and go” hair.  I didn’t have to do anything else.  My hair was so light and soft.  I noticed big volume with this, which is a plus for anyone with fine hair.  No fluffing required.  No leave-in required.   My hair dried super fast too.

VERDICT:   These products are keepers.  I will definitely be ordering both in full sizes.   I definitely have my eye on her Irie Herbal Hair gel.  Check out the Healing Herbs by Rene  web store.  She also sells other natural hair and body products such as shea butter, massage oils and lotions, herbal pillows, etc.  Mother’s Day is coming and her gift baskets will definitely be on my list.


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