Winter Hair Trim

I have no clue what the length of my hair is, but it is growing. I did a light press for a much needed trim.  I prefer pressing over a flat ironing because it straightens my ends.  My ends looked good, but I took off about an inch anyway.  I do at least two trims a year (winter, summer), but I think it’s time for a professional cut and shaping.  I use Motions Heat Seeker Protectant Spray and Beija-Flor Licorice Root Elixir for scalp and hair after pressing.  This oil made my hair silky smooth and is perfect for ends protection.  

This is my hair the next morning.  Reversion is quick for me which is why I don’t bother straightening.  Add the nightly hot flashes to the mix and the so called light press is over.  I’ll just braid the rest of the week, then wash on Sunday, if I can wait that long.  What I get is equivalent to a stretched braid out.


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