Product Review: Donna Marie Cocoa Hemp Buttercream


PRODUCT:   Donna Marie Cocoa Hemp Buttercream, 4 oz., $10.00.

AVAILABLE ATBeauty by Donna Marie website.

APPLICATION:  While in the shower, I rinsed my hair thoroughly then fingercombed a quarter-sized amount of the Ultimate Slip Detangler throughout and put wet hair in a Scrunchie.  I did not squeeze out excess water.   I continued to shower and ten minutes later, I removed Scrunchie and applied the Cocoa Hemp Buttercream in four sections (two in front, two in back), again not squeezing out excess water.   The Cocoa Hemp Buttercream has a light cocoa butter scent.  The consistency is light and airy, similar to whipped shea butter.

RESULTS:  At the end of the shower, I was pleasantly surprised to see the product had fully absorbed with shrinkage, but good curl definition.  I wrapped my hair in an old t-shirt for about 15 minutes to absorb excess water.  Although I did not experience the volume I had with the Ultimate Slip Detangler alone, the trade-off was moisturized hair with a healthy shine and mad softness.   Take a look!

 100_3128   100_3130   100_3140

VERDICT:  I’m falling in love with this entire line.  Although I experienced shrinkage, which I don’t mind, the Cocoa Hemp Buttercream is an excellent moisturizer and curl definer.  We’ve been having some harsh winter weather here in Michigan, but this product will definitely help to keep hair, especially ends, moisturized.   

I plan on restocking the Ultimate Slip Detangler, as well as the Cocoa Hemp Buttercream.  I’m finding that regardless which Donna Marie product I use, I get second-day hair.  A lot of Donna Marie’s products are currently sold out, but will be restocked in January.  Stay tuned for my reviews of the Lock & Twist Pudding and Honey & Aloe Curling Jelly.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Wow, nice! Had a Britney-Spears moment and took out my locs a few months ago. Once I had them out, I realized I had no idea what to do with my hair so decided to put them back. Trouble is not only did I lose a significant amount of hair picking out my 4-year-old locs, but my hair is thinning badly at the top and there’s a lot of scalp showing. I was gonna leave it out but my very fine hair looked like a messy Afro at the end of the day. No good. Put the locs back in and bought some extra hair to weave in at the top to beef up the thinning hair. But it’s a pain…and I thought about taking it all down again. I’m looking for the exact look that you’ve shown in the pictures above! Guess I’m gonna have to wait until I can get my hands on some extra cash so that I can buy this stuff.

    Looks good! 🙂


  2. Posted by maturenatural on January 10, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    Hey Lee! The top of my head is my problem area too (thinning). I know it’s hereditary because my mother and sister have experienced the same thing. I’m just trying to hold onto my hair as long as I can. You’d love the buttercream. It’s light and moisturizes well.

    In the meantime, just give that area tender loving care and try not to put much stress on it. I swear by either peppermint, rosemary (unless you have high blood pressure), or lavender essential oil and spring water spritzes. My hair and scalp loves it.


  3. Hiya! Yep, same here. My older sister has a LOT of scalp showing and my mother wears a small Afro (snow white — it’s beautiful!) and she’s thinning at the temples. Sigh….
    Last spring I cut four inches off my locs because the hair was so heavy it was getting to be a pain. Then I wound up taking them down altogether. Boy, do I regret that. Anyway, in the meantime, I’ve started locs on the sides and back and have cornrowed the top and weaved in some “extra” hair. The cornrows are not tight at all (’cause I don’t cornrow well) so there’s very little stress. Will give the oils you mentioned a try!

    Happy New Year!


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