Sample Review: Sycamore Boutique


I purchased samples of Sycamore Boutique’s Unscented Shea Emoillient Cream (Winter Blend) which is a bestseller for this Etsy store.  This special blend is created for those suffering with eczema and dry skin, and includes ingredients such as  shea, almond oil, evening primrose oil, and chamomile extract.  Since my skin and hair loves aloe vera and shea, I also purchased their Aloe-Shea Butter Cream.  

**NOTE:  The Sycamore Boutique has recently added African Black Soap directly from Ghana to their inventory.  The soap bar is huge (6 oz.) and is $5.50.  Also check out Sycamore Boutique’s online shop which includes specialty soaps, soy candles, perfume oils, and jewelry.  Angela, the owner, is very friendly and quick to reply to any questions you may have.  Make sure to visit both stores.


a.  sycamoresheacream        b. sycamorealoebutter

  • a.  Shea Butter Emoillient Cream, Trial Size 1/2 oz. $1.00, Reg. 2 oz. size $5.00.  The Winter Blend cream is unscented and is one of Sycamore Boutique’s bestsellers.  It is currently available in 4 oz., 8 oz., and 16 oz. sizes.  A generous quantity of  premium oils like Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, and Evening Primrose Oil are added to this cream.    
  • b.  Aloe-Shea Butter, Trial Size 1/4 oz., $1.25 – This is a super thick cream/butter made with a combination of Aloe – Shea and Soy.   It is a great spot treatment for rough dry skin without having an oily feeling.  This can also be blended in your hand with your regular moisturizer to give it a boost.

I bought the Shea Emoillient Cream as a moisturizer for my skin, but especially my face.  So far it has given me the moisture I need and is very soothing.  I have super sensitive skin and have had no irritation, redness, or breakouts from this product.  An added plus is that this product is also unscented.  I really like it and I’m praying it continues to work for me.  My skin does seem smoother, but I’m not sure whether or not I can attribute it to the Shea Emoillient Cream just yet as I recently started using Vermont Oatmeal & Lavender Soap as a facial cleanser.   

I haven’t used the Aloe-Shea Butter yet, but will definitely come back and post a review for it.  It is also unscented, thick, and creamy.

ETA:  The “Winter Blend” cream is definitely smoothing and healing my skin.  The dry spots on my face are no longer flaky and the redness is gone.  This one is definitely a keeper and I will purchase regular size jar.

I finally tried the Aloe-Shea Butter sample as a hair moisturizer and it did a good job of providing sheen and softness.  The Aloe-Shea Butter was a little gritty, though, as I melted it between my hands.  I had tiny white balls in my hair after it dried which were easily removed by shaking my hair.  I will   inquire about this as I’m interested in purchasing regular size.

I’d like to add that I will ALWAYS give honest product and sample reviews.  Though it seems all my reviews are favorable, this may be in part due to the fact I tend to purchase products with ingredients I know my skin and hair likes.  If a product or sample doesn’t work, I’ll definitely inform you.


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  1. The little “balls” are an odd feature of Shea Butter, it likes to kind of “reform” itself after being heated (melted at low heat to pour into containers). The balls are just little globes of Shea Butter that ball together, but they easily melt at body temprature.

    You can “fix” this condition by heating the shea until melted and keeping it at that temp for about 15 minutes. This is called “tempering” and will keep the shea butter in a smooth texture after that.

    I don’t like to heat Shea too much so I don’t usually do the tempering step.

    Consider them little “burst of moisturizer” if you don’t decide to do the tempering step, and just remember to melt them between your palms before applying to hair. When applying to skin it doesn’t really matter, they melt on contact.

    The Sycamore Boutique


  2. Posted by maturenatural on December 24, 2008 at 8:39 am

    Thanks for the info in response to the Aloe-Shea Angela! I’m going to try heating it.


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