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Product Review: Donna Marie Coco Curly Butter

donnamarieccbPRODUCT:  Donna Marie Coco Curly Butter, Curl Enchancing Cream, 8 oz., $12.00.

PURCHASED ATBeauty By Donna Marie website.

APPLICATION:  After shampoooing with Cristophe Clarifying shampoo, I then conditioned with Cristophe’s clarifying conditioner, rinsed, leaving a little in.  The Donna Marie Coco Curly Butter has a light tropical scent, which I love.  I applied a dab of the Donna Marie Coco Curly butter in sections, but didn’t comb through.  My hair is 4a/b and fine.  Combing my hair causes frizz.

RESULTS:  I bought this product because I need a styler that does not weigh down my fine hair.  Although this product is a curl enhancer, my hair is very coily/curly naturally.  My hair loves aloe vera which is high in the ingredient list for this product.  I got perfect shiny spirals which were soft, frizz free with a light hold I can deal with.  No crunch.  Some curls were clumped together where I had to separate them, but I think it was because I used too much product in some areas.  I also should have shook my hair more throughout the air drying process to separate the curls better.  Another plus is that it dries fast.  Next time I may try combing the product through to see what results I’d achieve.

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VERDICT:  I really like this product.   I have yet to commit to an online product, but I think if I keep having consistent results with Donna Marie Coco Curly Butter, this may be the one.  This would be the perfect summer product because it is a light styler, but I’m afraid using Donna Marie Coco Curly Butter alone in this cold Michigan weather would cause some breakage and/or split ends.  For the winter weather, I am going to need a leave-in with this.  I’m going to purchase the Donna Marie’s Ultimate Detangler, which is also a leave-in, and see how it works.  With the holidays coming up, though, it’s the perfect styler.    Definitely would purchase product again.  

ALTERNATE USE:  I mixed a tablespoon of the Coco Curly Butter with some shea butter and olive oil for my bun.  Wow!  It slicked back easily and my hair, especially the ends, stayed moisturized very well.  I am very pleased with this product.  (Will post pics of my bun).