Butterfly Enchantress Designs: The Perfect Bridal Accessories

Springtime brings with it a lot of planning and shopping in anticipation of upcoming wedding ceremonies.  For those of you searching for the perfect bridal accessories, visit the Etsy shop of Butterfly Enchantress Designs.  Their creations include bridal hair accessories, bridal jewelry, as well as bouqet jewelry.


The link to Butterfly Enchantress Designs’ Profile/Bio page is here.  This bridal accessory hobby began after an unfortunate car accident involving both the designer and her husband.  Due to the designer’s hand injuries, she started making hair accessories and jewelry as part of her hand therapy.  Butterfly Enchantress Designs have created some of the most beautiful, breathtaking bridal accessories I’ve seen to date. 

**Please contact Butterfly Enchantress Designs for any questions regarding custom orders or additional quantities of any item for your bridal party.

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  (30) Swarovski Crystal Stems Mix for Bridal Bouqet Decor, $29.99 – Swarovski Crystal Stems Mix with 6mm, 8mm &10mm Crystals for Your Bouquet, Jewelry, and Decor.  Custom-made set of 30.  

  Freshwater Pearl Necklace, $29.99 

Pearl Swarovski Crystal Cluster Earrings, $16.99

  Sparkly Silver Crystal Bracelet, $14.99

Mature Natural sends much love and wishes to Butterfly Enchantress Designs for continued progress in your recovery.

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