Callidora Handmade Aprons, Handbags, and Accessories

Every year I have a hard time finding my mom gifts that are unique and practical.  Mom has stockpiled gifts from all of her children, grandchildren, and in-laws over the years.  How do I know?  Opening her closets and cabinets tells me so.  You can actually shop for kitchen appliances, clothes, and purses at mom’s place.  Once I had a blender die on me which she promptly replaced with a brand new one.  There was something familiar about that blender.  It didn’t dawn on me until later on that she had regifted a blender I bought her.  Yes, she did!  We still laugh about it, but I’ll never forget it.  It’s time to find gifts that mom will use so she won’t stockpile or regift (LOL)! 

I found beautiful handmade aprons at Callidora that I know would make mom happy.  These aprons brought back some fond memories of her.  Dinnertime was always the time of day where everyone got togther in our household, regardless of where we were or what we were doing.  Dad would be coming home from work, me and my siblings from school or outside playing.  I vividly remember her wearing aprons and she had plenty of them.  Keep in mind, though, Callidora’s aprons are not the typical aprons mom and grandma wore back then.  These retro goodies are fashionably hip, colorful in detail, and can be made to order.  Throw in a matching headband, tote bag, or purse organizer and mom is good to go!  


The owner of Callidora is Terri Collins who has been crafting most of her life.  She also had her own tailoring business.  Some of her creations included wedding gowns and evening wear, as well as business casual or Sunday dress.  Over the last few years, jewelry and knitting have become more recent loves she has taken up.  All items are handcrafted by Terri who accepts wholesale, as well as custom orders.

Check out her blog at TLC SAYS.  She’s also leader of the ETSY ARTISTS OF COLOR blog.  Tune in weekly for free giveaways. 

***NOTE:  Callidora is offering FREE gift wrap & card or FREE shipping anywhere in the United States now through May 5, 2008. Just mention code MATNAT in the Message to Seller and indicate which discount you would like to receive.


The No Hurt Reversible Headbands, $6.00 – No Hurt Reversible Headbands are constructed with cotton fabric, soft interfacing, and elastic. They hold their shape and will stay on your head, but will not dig in and cause those headaches we know only too well from store-bought headbands. They have been overlocked and topstitched for extra security in construction.  You aren’t limited to the colors or combinations you see in store.  The owner will happily make one in your color choices – solids, prints, or both.

Many of the headbands coordinate with the aprons and handbags in the store.  If you would like a matching headband for another item, but don’t see it here – just ask!  It’s probably just not listed yet.

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  1. Black and Fuschia Polka Dot Bag, $35.00 – This is a great tote!  It’s deluxe twill cotton and has two large outer pockets in a coordinating black/fuchsia stripe. The interior lining is a lightweight pink cotton with black polka dots. There are three pockets on the inside – to hold your wallet, phone and keys.
  2. Hot Pink and Black Purse Organizer, $12.00 – A bright, easy to find, purse organizer!  These are made with two coordinating fabrics and have a buckram insert to keep them stiff. They can roll up small, or you can create a circle shape at the bottom of a larger tote.

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  1. Pink Os Small Clutch, $15.00 – Small clutch or cosmetic bag. Pink cotton with purple, hot pink, lime and white “O”s. Zippered and fully lined in white muslin.  Measurements: 10″ W x 5” H, machine washable.
  2. No Hurt Reversible Headband, $6.00  

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  1. Green Paisley and Stripe Apron, $28.00 – This beautiful Plus Size apron is a traditional paisley paired with bold stripes. The striped fabric forms a pleated ruffle at the bottom.
  2. Green Paisley and Striped Tote, $32.00 – Another beautiful tote bag, perfect for Spring and Summer. The body is elegant green paisley with bold green stripe outer pockets. The bag is fully lined in white muslin. Magnetic closure.  Measurements:


Aprons – Mother/Daughter Set, $40.00 – Mom’s Apron has brown polka dots and a large paisley print on a pink background. The pocket and pleat are pink and olive polka dots on a brown background – the same fabric used for the Daughter’s Apron.  The fabrics are a heavy twill, rather than a lightweight cotton, so these can really take a beating.


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  1. Wow! What a lovely and unexpected feature! Thank you so much! As a bonus to your readers, I would like to offer either FREE gift wrap & card or FREE shipping anywhere in the United States now through May 5, 2008. Just mention code MATNAT in the Message to Seller and indicate which discount they would like to receive.


  2. Posted by maturenatural on April 13, 2008 at 9:04 am

    That is a sweet deal. Thanks Terri!


  3. Posted by blossomingtree on April 14, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    Very nice!


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