Snacking Healthy

I know this sounds crazy, but I eat healthy and snack poorly.  Meals frequently include fresh fruits and vegetables.  I also eat plenty of fresh fish and poultry, rarely red meat.  I’ve been a potato chip fanatic all my life, but the excess sodium is causing some major health issues.  The borderline blood pressure and headaches associated with the excess sodium are no longer worth it.  It’s time for some healthier snack alternatives.

My plan is to try and avoid the potato chips, and opt for more whole grain cereals and crackers.  Incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetable will be easy, as well as low fat snacks (yogurt).  I’m not going to kid myself.  I have to make this plain and simple.  If I don’t, snacking healthy will be a mere memory by the end of 2 weeks.  I want snacks that are healthy, able to satisfy my hunger between meals, and taste good.  Okay, tasting good may be asking for a little too much.  How about at least palatable?  Here are a few of my easy healthy snacks collected so far.

Do-It-Yourself Trail Mix.  I got this idea from my mom.  I love trail mix, but I don’t like ingredients such as M&Ms, roasted nuts, or those yogurt-covered thingies.  However, I do like raw almonds, cashews, and sunflower seeds.   Get a Zip-Loc bag and add 1 cup of whole grain cereal (your choice), 1/4 cup of raisins or cranberries, 1/4 cup of almonds, and 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds.  Shake and enjoy.

Do-It-Yourself Pizza.  I have never been a big bread eater, but I do like multigrain bread and bagels.  Buying them fresh from the bakery is even better.  Just add pizza or sphagetti sauce and low-fat mozzarella cheese to bagel or bread.  Bake in the oven until cheese melts. The kids will love these too.

Do-It-Yourself Flavored Green, Black, and Red Teas.  It may not be soda, but tea is so much better for you.  Tea is full of antioxidants which help to strengthen the body’s immune system.  Even though bottled teas can be purchased anywhere, they taste so much better when you make your own.  To make your own flavored tea, just add honey or fruit juices (cranberry, lemon, apple, etc.) to brewed tea.  Enjoy hot or cold.  Try this great recipe from Lipton.

Apple-Cranberry Sparkler (recipe courtesy of Lipton)

2 cups boiling water
4 Lipton® Cup Size Tea Bags
1 cup chilled cranberry juice cocktail
1 cup chilled apple juice
2 tsp. sugar
In teapot, pour boiling water over Lipton® Cup Size Tea Bags. Cover and brew 5 minutes. Remove Tea Bags. In pitcher, combine tea, juices and sugar; chill.
4 (8-oz.) servings
Preparation Time:
10 Minute(s)
Chill Time:
15 Minute(s)

Water Bottle.  Need some extra help curbing the hunger between meals?  Purchase a portable water bottle (check out the one below from Target,com) and fill ‘er up.  Drinking water throughout the day helps to keep you feeling full.  It also helps to curb those late night snack attacks.  NOTEThere have been debates about whether or not it’s safe to reuse plastic water bottles.  Some seem to think this may even pose some serious health hazards.  Read this interesting article regarding this from The Green Guide.   

rubbermaidsips.jpg Rubbermaid HipSips Diva Water Bottle, $9.99.



George Crum (1822-1914) was born to a African-American father and Native American mother.  He invented the potato chip in 1853.  A chef at an upscale New York resort, a customer complained that the french fries were too thick.  After repeated attempts to satisfy the customer, George Crum intentionally cut the potatoes thin, frying them until crispy and brown.  He had hopes of upsetting the customer, but as it turned out, the customer loved them.  The potato chips became a popular item on the menu.  

Potato chips were not manufactured until 1895.  It’s interesting to note that two of today’s most popular potato chip brands, Better Made and Lay’s, weren’t manufactured until 1930 and 1932 respectively, over 77 years after George Crum first invented.  He died at the age of 92 and never obtained a patent for the potato chip.

Read more about George Crum here at Inventor of the Week Archive.

I need to find more healthy snacks.  What are your yours?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Had to chuckle a little when I read about your healthy snack efforts — we are sisters in another life. 🙂 I don’t eat big meals, rarely go back for seconds, try to eat more chicken and fish than red meat.. but with me, it’s sweets that get the better of me. I’ve never been able to pass a bakery without stopping in for a piece of cake, and cookies? I’m not happy until I see the crumbs at the bottom of the bag! Working on it, though. Dropped nine pounds so far, stepped up the exercise and started buying Nabisco’s “100 calorie snacks”… the trick is not to eat ALL SIX of the little 100-calorie snacks that come in the box, right? LOL!

    Wavin atcha!


  2. Posted by maturenatural on February 26, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    Nine pounds? Congrats Lee! Don’t get me started on the baked goods though. I stopped buying butter just so I won’t bake cookies and pound cakes.


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