It’s All About Comfort

At this stage in my life, comfort rules, especially when it comes to “da feet.”  Nowadays,  heels are reserved for formal events, while on a daily basis I pretty much wear flats or athletic shoes.  I sometimes cringe at the thought of the heels I used to wear back in the day.  Ouch! 

I’ve recently decided to do more walking, so comfortable shoes are required.  My visit to Foot Locker last week showed me that Puma has stepped up their game and have quite a few pairs of noteworthy casual and athletic shoes.  This pair of Pumas is what initially got me all excited.  I saw these over at, but unfortunately, this particular leather style has been hard to find.  I’m going to keep searching though, because I really like this shoe. 

pumanualapushkar.jpg    Puma – Christy Turlington Nuala Pushkar

The following shoes were found at

pumawhitelinden.jpg Puma Women’s Mandara XC, $74.99 

pumanualachapora.jpg Puma Nuala Chapora Shoe, $90.99

pumanualachaporablk.jpg Puma Nuala Women’s Pushkar Shoe, Sale $62.99

The following handbags were found at, a Gap company.

pumahandbag.jpg Puma Kick Handbag, $40.00  

 pumahandbag2.jpg Puma Base Grip Bag, $55.00

Check out Puma’s online shopping site which includes Puma clothing, glasses, and fragrance at

Black History Month

Did You Know………

Jan Ernst Matzeliger (1852-1889) was born in Dutch Guiana (Suriname) to a Dutch engineer father and a black mother.  His travels brought him to the U.S. where he eventually settled in Lynn, Massachussetts.  He worked as a machine operator where he manually stitched the upper portion of shoes to the sole.  This process (shoe lasting) was hard work and time consuming, but Jan succeeded where others had failed.  He invented a Shoe Lasting machine which attached the shoe to the sole.  He filed for a patent in 1882.  His invention greatly reduced the cost of making shoes and revolutionized the shoe industry.  Jan Ernst Metzeliger died of tuberculosis at the young age of 37. American History/101 Facts


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