Why I Shop for Sneakers Online

I love to shop, but when it comes to sneakers or gym shoes, I’d rather purchase them online.  The rare occasion that I do go to Foot Locker, Foot Action, or Champs, etc., it’s to accompany my kids.  I dread it.  My kids know I dread it too.  I think they secretly enjoy dragging me along.   This past weekend, Immanuel wanted new sneakers.  The first thing I always think about is the fact that I’m claustrophic.  Just think about it.  How often have you stopped by a Foot Locker or Champs on a Saturday and the store was NOT crowded?  Dang!  Do the kids hang out anywhere else?  Here’s a recap of my traumatic  weekend visit.

First off, upon entering the store, you’re immediately overwhelmed by the many pairs of shoes displayed on the walls.  There are 100 pairs of men’s shoes on one wall, while the women and children share another wall with about 50 pairs of shoes.  Add to that, 100 teenagers already in the store looking at those 150 pairs of shoes.  Can this get any worse?  Yep!  Displays of tees and hoodies in every color imaginable are everywhere.  The back wall is reserved for brand new Spring fashion, while the back floor displays racks of clothing reserved for clearance and sales.  Gotta have accessories, right?  Socks, shoe laces, and sneaker cleaner definitely have their reserved space.  And did I mention the table full of sneakers on clearance dead smack in the middle of the store?  Sigh.  It’s always overwhelming for me, but hey, I’m so glad for the benches where I can sit down and relax.  Oh, wait a minute.  I never sit down.  I’m too busy lingering around the entrance to the store.  I know I look suspicious, but who cares.  I’m eagerly waiting to get a glimpse of either child so I can get the heck outta there.   

The routine never changes.  I watch my son examine at least 10 pairs of sneakers, all the same color, taking his time inspecting each one.  He eventually holds up a black and white sneaker and says, “Hey ma, what ya think?”  My response never changes either.  “Um, son, I think they look like the other 10 pairs of black and white sneakers you looked at.”    He gives me a smirk and off he goes to the next row of sneakers, only these sneakers are blue and white.  Adidas, Jordan’s, Nike, etc.  What’s the difference!  They all look alike to me.  LoL.  Just when I had given up hope of leaving Foot Locker anytime soon, he finally makes up his mind.  It’s the same black and white pair of sneakers he showed me over an hour ago.  Okay, now I need a drink.  I always vow to never go with them again, but you know what?  I always do.  Sigh again.  Maybe next time I’ll have a drink before I go. 


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