Make Your Own Protective Hair Band

I’ve had some amazing growth over the last year and as a result, certain hair accessories are either too small or no longer look right.   Since becoming acquainted with members of Etsy (Etsy Artists of Color), I’ve really been in a creative mood.  I seldom wear protective styles (braids, twists, bantu knots, coils, etc.) because I prefer my hair to be free.  Big money was wasted on professional braids that I didn’t wear past a week.  A serious case of HIF (hand in fro) disease didn’t help, plus I missed playing with my hair.  Wearing  accessories that I consider somewhat protective (hats, scarves) do help.  I want to show you how to make an easy hair band.  It’s super easy and perfect for protecting the tresses whether you’re outside battling the elements or chilling at home.

I usually donate clothing to the Salvation Army or women shelters this time of year.  I had a couple of turtlenecks that I was prepared to donate.  One turtleneck was a silk blend, the other cotton blend.  The neck portion of the turtlenecks were the perfect width for hair bands.   These hair bands could be worn by those with locs, braids, and even loose hair.  I’ll be adding more pics later, but check it out.


 078.jpg          077.jpg

  1. Turn turtleneck inside out.
  2. Cut neck portion of turtleneck below the seam.  This would be the portion where the neck is stitched to the shirt.  This keeps fabric from unraveling. 
  3. The fabric was wide enough to cover almost my entire head and looks just as good as the store bought ones. 

Guess what?  I don’t think I’ll be donating too many more turtlenecks in the future!  Lol.

Try it and let me know what you think.



One response to this post.

  1. You know I never thought of that. Thanks for the tip. I am going try that now.. 🙂


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