Is Your Water Intake Affecting Your Hair Health?

What would our hair care routine be without water?  We use water to no poo, shampoo, and condition our hair.  We use water to make spritzes and hair rinses, but how much water are we actually drinking?   

A month ago, my hair became dull, limp, and seemed to be constantly shedding.  I couldn’t really call it shedding because it was such a small amount.  This all began around September 2007 when the kids went back to school.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something had changed.  I compared my routines for the summer and winter.  Last summer was hot, yet my hair thrived.   Wash and gos were easy and my favorite part of the day was chilling on the porch drinking water all day long.  I then realized that since the summer, my water intake had significantly decreased.  This was the change I overlooked, but the solution was simple; I needed to increase my water intake.

I’m happy to report that since increasing my water intake, my hair is looking and feeling much better.  I have more body, more shine, and shedding has since come to a halt.  I won’t lie though, it’s a lot harder to remember to drink water in the wintertime.  What helps me is my 1-liter container I fill with water and drink, at the minimum, 2 times a day.  Bottled water makes it even easier for me.  

Please keep this in mind.  If your hair is dull, limp, and shedding despite the usual hair product treatments, ask yourself if your water intake is adequate.  Drinking more water may be what your hair care routine needs.   


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m so glad you blogged on this. I used to have trouble drinking water because I was into all the unhealthy beverages. I have to admit that its gotten better. I have a 48oz pitcher and I am going to drink two pitcherfulls per day to make sure I am getting the water I need. I definitely noticed more hair growth and clearer complexion with increased water intake.


  2. Thank you for blogging this. I express this on my site as well.

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    komaza-“encorage growth”


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