Snoods, Part II

I’ve got this hat thing going on and now find myself seeking out hats in department stores, thrift stores, Etsy, Ebay, and other online stores.  I just can’t get enough of them.  I love the colors and textures of hats.  Below you’ll find more hats from some of my favorite sellers and a new one, Didymus Dreads and Threads, an Ebay store with a lot of unique and colorful hats.

PURPLE SAGE DESIGNZ:  Sigh.  I really want to learn how to crochet beautiful hats, but until then, I have Purple Sage Designz to keep my hat addiction going.  Everytime I visit, I find new hats to fall in love with.   They’re perfect for those of us with “big hair” (natural, braids, dreads) who desire hats that are roomy, stylish, and comfortable.  Get your hat fix on and don’t forget to check out her other creations at Purple Sage Designz.

 1.  purphtscfpurp1.jpg    2.  bluechildpurp.jpg    3.  sunnyskiespurp.jpg

  1. Handmade Grape Visor Beanie Hat and Spiral Waves Set, $29.00
  2. Baby Blue Child (Girl) Visor Beanie, $14.00
  3. Sunny Skies Cotton Slouchy Beanie, $16.00

LOLABEAR’S NEEDLEWORKATORIUM:  More beautiful hats from one of my favorite Etsy sellers.  I love the elegance, color combinations, as well as the soft, feminine look of Lolabear’s hat creations.  These are perfect for the upcoming holidays.  Don’t forget to check out Lolabear’s Needleworkatorium store on Etsy for her other beautiful creations.  

1.  redgldlola.jpg    2.  whtgoldlola.jpg    3.  lolarainb.jpg 

  1. Chic Chenille Beret (Claret and Gold), $35.00
  2. Glitzy White and Gold Rasta (Adult L), $40.00
  3. Dark Rainbow Beret or Rasta, $35.00

DIDYMUS DREADS AND THREADS (EBAY):  Added to my list of favs, this Ebay store belongs to twin sisters whose handmade hats are the bomb (hippie, rasta, headbands, buckets, kerchiefs, beanies, etc.).  They also take special orders on all styles of hats.  Anyone familiar with Ebay knows how important good customer feedback is, and Didymus Dreads and Threads’ feedback is awesome.  If you’re looking for various styles of hats and other head coverings, be prepared.  This is hat heaven on earth!   Please check out Didymus Dreads and Threads’ other hat creations at their Ebay store.

1.  didyrasta.jpg     2.  didyheadwrap.jpg     3.  didyblkflapper.jpg 

4.  didyhdband.jpg

  1. Hippie Crochet Beanie/Tam, $8.49
  2. Rasta Head Wrap Kerchief, $6.99
  3. Black Flapper Bucket Knit Hat, $6.99
  4. Rasta Headband Head Wrap, $9.99

I need books to help me learn how to crochet.  Anybody know of any easy how-to-crochet books out there?  Please let me know.


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  1. There is one book called Get Your Crochet On by Afya Ibomu. It’s pretty easy to understand and is pretty much all hats. I love it. I knit mostly. So this was a good starter book on crocheting. You can find it here:


  2. I learned directly from my grandma’s hands.
    I wouldn’t stop pestering until she showed me the basics.
    Sometimes you need to be shown – reeeeaaal slow.
    Try this site for some help getting started.
    Or – come to my house and I’ll teach you.
    (Bring the cookies and I’ll supply the coffee)


  3. Posted by maturenatural on November 15, 2007 at 10:07 pm

    I think someone showing you is the best way to learn. Lucky you. She did a good job cuz your skills are awesome. Speaking of skills Linda, I can bake though. Too bad I don’t live close, cuz I’d bring you some. Thanks for the link. There’s a lot of info on there.


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