Incorporating Green Into My Health and Beauty Regimen

Lately, I’ve been researching how I, as an individual, could help the environment.  Global warming is such an urgent issue and I’ve found that little things such as investing in energy-saving light bulbs (uses less electricity), eliminating plastic/paper bags, using environmentally safe household cleaners, etc., would make a big difference in the future.  Global warming is even more so a concern for me as it will be my children inheriting this future.  Not a good feeling, but I am hopeful things will get better.  I’ve also been researching organic foods and products.  It was amazing to find so many companies who are committed to producing eco-friendly products.  

Check out these products:   


PALLAS ATHENE SOAP, 2 bars for $5.00, 5 bars for $8.00 – Their Pure Soap™ is certified vegan soap.   It is 100% biodegradeable, which is very important, and not animal tested.  It’s also 96% organic.  Ingredients: Fine saponified oils of organic olive, organic palm, organic coconut, organic shea, and castor bean; with added vegetable glycerin, distilled well water, natural vitamin E, and natural vitamin C.   A biodegradable product is one made out of natural ingredients that can safely and quickly break down, and return to nature (soil or water).  Like castile soap, Pure Soap™ has a lot of uses.  It can also be used to make shampoo, toothpaste, laundry soap,  etc.  I love to see companies give back and Pallas Athene Soap does just that.  This company donates soap to several charitable organizations. 

Kiss My Face Lip Action Lip Balm, $3.49 at Whole Foods.  Flavors are Berry Warm, Eco-Coco, Mango Melt.  One dollar from every sale of this balm goes to the Alliance for Climate Protection.  As we now realize how urgent global warming is,  finding solutions that will make things better for the future is very important.


DR. BRONNER’S and Sun Dog’s Magic Organic Body Lotion, $9.99, 8 oz. (Orange Lavender, Peppermint, Patchouli Lime, Lavender Coconut).  These lotions are made with pure organic oils (jojoba, coconut, hemp, avocado) and have no preservatives or synthetic ingredients.  For fragrance, only organic essential oils are used.


REUSABLE BAGSHappy Bags – Modern Cotton Totes, Series I, $19.95 – Plastic bags are polluting our environment (need petroleum to make them), they’re toxic, and takes years to break down.  I didn’t realize millions of trees (forests) are cut down every year in order to produce  paper bags.   Reusable Bags has an incredible selection of recycled bags, reusable totes, water bottles, lunch bags made out of organic and recycled cotton, canvas, hemp, bamboo, etc.  The products are affordable (under $10, up to $45.00) and is a great way to avoid plastic/paper bag use.


PERFECT PADSDeluxe Maxi Pads (pack of 3), Microfleece $26.99 or Pure organic cotton $30.99.  Perfect Pads is a reusable cloth menstrual pad company that offers pads that are washable, super absorbent, slim fitting, and leak proof.  The pads are made out of combined organic cotton and hemp materials.  They offer several pads, as well as panty liners, which handle light to heavy flows.  Also great for urinary incontinence as well.  Economical and are available in a variety of colors. 

Five Little Ways You Can Help the Environment

  1. Buy energy-conserving light bulbs. 
  2. Buy a reusable shopping bag or tote.
  3. Buy environmentally safe household cleaners.
  4. Wash clothes in cold water.
  5. Support green companies.

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