Plus Size Fashion + Wedding + Maternity

It’s amazing how fashionable plus size clothes have become, including the wedding and maternity choices currently available.  Monif C defines what “big sexy” is in my book.  The clothes are sexy, sophisticated, and glamorous.  I’m definitely gonna add the “convertible dress” to my Christmas wish list.  No big sexy closet should be without a dress that can be worn 20+ different ways. 

David Bridal has the most elegant collection of plus size wedding gowns I’ve ever seen.  Lane Bryant’s wedding collection is noteworthy for its gown selection and affordable pricing.  Lane Bryant also has an extensive maternity collection (clothing, accessories, etc.).  For the bride-to-be who is also a mother-to-be, check out Nicole Maternity Wholesale.  A very impressive selection of plus size maternity clothing, including formal dresses, can be found here. 

JCPenney has all the staples a mom-to-be desires.  Their maternity line is extensive and includes a full maternity clothing line (tops, bottoms, tees, dresses, and lingerie).  Their wedding gown selection is very small (only 4 dresses), but very reasonably priced.  I don’t have to tell you about baby, furniture, housewares, gift + registry, etc., departments as JCPenney has been a staple for years to so many customers. 


Plus Size Maternity and Wedding

a. jcpmatruff.jpg      b. jcpmattop.jpg 

c. jcpweddrs.jpg         d. jcpstraplwed.jpg


Plus Size Maternity and Wedding

a.  matweddrs2.jpg             b.  offshoulderweddinggown150.jpg


Plus Size Wedding

a.  dbridolegc.jpg          b.  dbridsplit.jpg


Plus Size Fashion

a.  monifwrapdr.jpg          b.  monifconvert.jpg


Plus Size Wedding

a. lbwedvneck.jpg           b. lbweddr.jpg           c. lbbustier1.jpg

I’m alway seeking plus size fashion both online and offline.  Please share your plus size shopping experiences.


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  1. Posted by mommyghee on December 27, 2008 at 6:00 pm

    There is a wonderful selection of maternity bridal dresses and bridesmaid dresses at


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