Bye Bye TWA, Hello BAA (soon)

I like my TWA (teeny weeny afro).  I mean, I really, really like my twa.  It’s low maintenance and doesn’t require a lot of products.  At least not yet.  My last major cut was February 2007 and since then, my hair has grown at least 3 inches.  It is now about 5 inches long.  I’m loving my hair, but I’ve finally arrived at that dreaded inbetween stage.  It’s too long to be a twa, and too short to be a BAA (bad ass afro).  It wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t so style challenged.  It’s been 2 years since I’ve blowdried or pressed my hair, and I don’t plan on doing it anytime soon.  It caused some major hair damage and I had to cut off about 10 inches of hair.   

I can’t keep looking like this.  I can’t hide in the house either.  It’s time to break out with some scarves, headbands, and adult barrettes.  Nothing I hate more than a grown woman with barrettes she looks like she borrowed from baby girl to put in her hair.  Not the look I’m going for, okay.  As far as products go, my hair is loving castor oil, lavender oil, and shea butter at this moment.  I forgot how finicky my hair gets while growing out.  One month a condish works fine, the next month, not.  I prefer using simple, natural products on my hair.  The less ingredients, the better for me, and a sista don’t mind mixing something up either.

Some other things that are working right now:

  1. Spritz with water, peppermint oil, and olive oil.
  2. Oil blend with olive oil, castor oil, and lavender oil.
  3. Nature’s Gate Herbal shampoo.

What styles helped you through your grow out phase?  What products or accessories did you use?  Holla at a sista and let her know.


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