Shea Butter Baby!

Can’t say enough good things about shea butter.  It’s a great moisturizer for dry skin and hair.  Lately, I’ve been complaining of dry hair and forgot about the shea butter purchased from Shea Butter Hut.  After conditioner washing (using conditioner instead of shampoo) and rinsing, I mixed 1 tbs. of shea butter and 1 tsp. of castor oil.  I distributed this throughout damp hair, focusing especially on the ends.  Two days later, my hair is still moisturized. 

The benefits of shea butter are plenty.  It’s a great skin, scalp, and hair moisturizer.   It’s rich in vitamins A & E and essential fatty acids.  Helps prevent wrinkles.  Soothes and heals irritated skin such as dermatitis and eczema.  There are two kinds of shea butter; unrefined and refined.  Unrefined basically means 100% natural, no preservatives or chemicals added.  Refined basically has been bleached where color and odor are removed via chemicals.  Personally, I prefer the unrefined kind.  It’s 100% natural and has a slight earthy scent. 

I use shea butter all over.   Although it states it’s noncomedogenic, I did develop breakouts when used alone, but I can use if mixed with aloe vera gel.  For the summer, I whip shea butter, aloe vera gelly, and lavender essential oil to make a light moisturizer that I use for body, hair, and face.  The only aloe vera gelly I use is Lily of the Desert, especially since I’ll also use it on my face.  It’s 99% natural.  And let’s not forget about getting those tootsies sandal ready.  Shea butter straight up after soaking does wonders.

I purchase my shea butter online from Shea Butter Hut, Nasabb, and Mountain Rose Herbs.  Decent prices and great customer service.  All three sites are informative and sell other natural oils, soaps, herbs, and butters.


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